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2023 AACS National Competition

Florida was 6th in the nation

3rd Garment Construction         

 Lily Sutton-Land O’ Lakes Christian School


3rd Crafts                                         

 Josiah Williamson-Deltona Christian School


3rd Landscapes & Architecture Photography

Mhayaa Quiles-Deltona Christian School 


3rd World History/Geography

Patrick McKinney-Land O’Lakes Christian School


3rd Political Science/Economics

William Maass- Land O’ Lakes Christian School


1st Spanish

Ana Betancourth-Community Christian School


1st Spelling

Tiffany Alongi-Land O’Lakes Christian School


3rd Expository Writing: Essay

Delanie Delp-Land O’Lakes Christian School


3rd Science Fair: Physical Sciences

Lydia Becker-Land O’Lakes Christian School


2nd Oral Interpretation of Scripture

Ethan Mengal-Land O’Lakes Christian School


2nd Female Vocal Solo

Genesis Rodriguez-Land O’Lakes Christian


3rd Small Vocal Ensemble-Calvary Baptist Church Academy

3rd  Large Vocal Ensemble-Land O’Lakes Christian School


2nd Choral Group – AA- Land O’Lakes Christian School


3rd Small Instrumental Ensembles-Land O’Lakes Christian School


2nd Orchestra/Band A – West Gate Christian School


2nd Bible Memory

James DeStefano- Land O’Lakes Christian School


1st  Topical Preaching

Caleb Peterman- Hillsdale Christian Academy


competition winners 2022.png

2021 AACS National Competition


Bible Memory

Third Place - Tristan Johnson     West Gate Christian School, Tampa, FL


Expository Preaching

First Place - Ethan Mengel       Land O Lakes Christian School, Land O Lakes, FL


Topical Preaching

First Place - Samuel Sainsbury      Providence Christian School , Riverview, FL 


Brass Solo

First Place - Lauryn Foster   Deltona Christian School, Deltona, FL


Choral Group - Class AA

Third Place - Land O Lakes Christian School, Land O Lakes, FL


Orchestra/Band - Class AA

Third Place - Community Christian School, Bradenton, FL


Religious Reading

Second Place - Ethan Mengel     Land O Lakes Christian School


Original Persuasive Oratory

First Place - Jessica Nguyen,   Land O Lakes Christian School


Monochromatic Drawing

Third Place - Katelyn Martinez   Hillsdale Christian Academy, Tampa, FL 



Third Place - Carlos Harmon    Land O Lakes Christian School


U.S. History/Geography

Third Place - Colin Farrell    Community Christian School


Music Theory

Third Place - Lanee Turner   Calvary Baptist Church Academy, Lakeland, FL 

2020 AACS National Competition 

Florida came in 10th out of 30 states. There were 212 schools present with 1780 students.


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